Crystal Rainbow Background |Styled Stock Photography | MAGICIAN ARCHETYPE

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The Full Crystal Rainbow Collection includes 1 High Resolution JPEG Image of about 5000px wide x 3000px height (some are larger) at 300dpi.
The file will be delivered electronically, immediately after purchase.

Have you ever entered a crystal shop thinking "oh that's pretty", only to end up getting home with more (way more) than you expected to buy? Have you felt enthralled by their energy, happy just to look at them? Then this collection is for you.
In this collection, I wanted to capture the magic and joy of the crystal world, while providing photos that were both beautiful and practical for crystal healers, crystal jewelers and crystal shop owners. They were created to be both visually appealing and versatile, so you can use them for everything you need. The colors of the crystals are organized according to the chakras.
The photos in this collection include free white space and electronics, such as as tablets and phones, where you can overla photos of lead magnets, e-books, any page of your website, and meditations. You can also add text and color overlays (blocks of color) and crop them by zooming into small details, to maximize their usage.
All images are very high resolution (300 dpi), which means they print beautifully. You can use them to create business cards, brochures, client welcome packs, magazines, any type of promotional material and even books.

Crystals and their colors have meaning. Here are the ones included in this collection, so you can use them consciously.
Red: Symbolizes Life, base chakra, vitality, warmth, excitement, passion, fire, rubedo (last stage of gold making in alchemy)
Orange: A mix of yellow and red. Symbolizes The rising sun, joy, warmth and creativity. It is the color of the Second Chakra.
Yellow: Symbolizes radiance, royalty, fertility, the Sun. For ancient alchemists, it symbolized a stage in the process towards wholeness, the return of energy and involvement with life.
Green: It is associated with the Heart Chakra. Represents: Growth, freshness, fertility, life, life energy.
Pink: Symbolizes The Heart chakra. Love, gentlesness, the lover, The Goddess Aphrodite
Blue: The color of the Third eye and Throat chakra. Symbolizes eternity, transcendence, the supernatural, Mary's cloak, moonlight, that which we most prize.
Purple: The Color of the Crown Chakra. Symbolizes royalty, nobility, wealth, wisdom and power.
Red Jasper: A stone of protection and grounding. It relates to the First Chakra.
Carnelian: A stone of creativity and courage. It relates to the Second Chakra.
Citrine: A stone of abundance and power. It relates to the Third Chakra.
Opal: Represents hope, innocence and purity.
Rose Quartz: A stone of love. Related to the Heart Chakra.
Malachite: A stone to connect with the Elemental realm and amplify energy.
Aventurine:A stone to soothe and bring emotional calm. Related to the Heart Chakra
Turquoise: A stone to aid communication and speaking our truth. Related to the Throat Chakra.
Green Jade: A dream stone. Related to the Heart Chakra.
Angelite: A stone to bring serenity.
Acqua Aura: A stone to speak and seek inner truth.
Fluorite: A stone to increase intuition.
Lapislazuli: A stone to help us think clearly and achieve wisdom. Associated with the Goddess Isis and the third eye chakra.
Labradorite: The stone of wizards. It helps transformation and magic.
Amethyst: Meditative and purifying. Associated with the Crown Chakra.

I believe the energy we bring to our work influences its outcome. This is why I take care to clear out negative energies before creating and photograph with mantras.
This collection was designed listening to Lady of Avalon, by Heloise Pinkelton. It was created listening to mantras by Nirinjan Kaur. And it was edited listening to Mantras for Abundance, by Spirit Voyage.
The Collection was also infused with the intention that every one of these photos helps you attract the right customers and clients, and helps your business grow.

Marcela Macias Photography remains the sole and exclusive owner and holder of the copyright in all images. This means that you can't claim the image as your own, imitate the style, commission similar images to another photographer, nor can you sell, lease, loan, transfer, assign, or give away the image in full or in part, nor allow a third-party to use the image in any way nor create derivative works with it.
Your purchase grants you a non-exclusive, limited use license for personal or commercial use in the normal course of your business. The license is limited to (1) ONE business, which means that you can't sub-license it, or use it in a multi level or licensee business model. If you need multiple licenses, please contact me for a quote.
You may crop the images and overlay them with texts, images or pdfs in order to promote your products and services, but you are not authorized to otherwise alter it or manipulate it. You can't take crop or clone objects out of the image or create new images by layering the objects differently.
You may not use any of these images to promote work that may compete with Marcela Macias Photography, including styling or photography workshops, courses, e-books, among others.
When using the image in the printed press (books or magazines), please attribute the image appropriately: © Marcela Macias Photography , 2017. All rights reserved.
If you have any doubts regarding authorized use, please contact me at


I such a big believer in my work that I provide a 7 days no questions asked guarantee.
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Crystal Rainbow Background |Styled Stock Photography | MAGICIAN ARCHETYPE

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